Weekend accessories 

Whatever you have planned this weekend or any weekend, it’s always good to have those little extra things on you. Whether it be outside walking with a hat, a pretty little charm bracelet, a cute pair of slides, a killer bag,  a statement belt or a vintage watch they’re all great to have throughout the weekend. I love big chunky rings with clutch bags with a few embellishments on them when I’m going out.

Have a killer weekend everyone!


The Power of Learning  

I grew up in New Zealand and for me making friends was so difficult. I was awkward, weird and I felt different to all the other kids. Because of this I turned to books. Learning was incredibly important to me and it became something I really enjoyed doing. I became this nerdy little kid who had such admiration for all my teachers and every morning I used to run into school and show them eagerly my homework.

I had this one teacher who was so artistic that she inspired me to open my mind to not only logic, but to fantasy,  adventure and all types of art. Knowledge isn’t just reading books and knowing facts. It’s taking that information and creating your own opinion or take on it. Anyone can read factual evidence  and throw information at people like they’re a ‘know-it-all’, but the fact is that it doesn’t make you smart.

I always believe that to be a better person, you can’t be stuck in your ways. I find so many people saying nope I won’t try that or I’d probably hate that. You don’t know until you try. My interests have evolved over time. There are things I thought I’d never love or be inspired by.  I love things now I didn’t previously, so it just goes to show we’re constantly evolving, growing and learning to love different things.

The lucky thing is I’ve always had someone to encourage me to try something. My mum used to throw me into so many things when I was young. From ballet (I was terrible), to karate, art classes, and my personal favourite yachting where I spontaneously thought it’d be funny to push one girl into the water. I never went back. I had friends who encouraged me to take up playing an instrument or play tennis and I was always extremely grateful for their persistence.

Knowledge is power and I think personally girls today feel like to be smart isn’t attractive. With more emphasis on how we look, dress and act I think being smart and learning is such an important aspect of someone. The brain is the sexiest organ and I feel as though if you can have an intelligent conversation with someone, they become ever more attractive.

Throughout the years I’ve studied quite a bit. From event management, where I landed an amazing internship with a tennis association. That was a reality check to see first hand what’d it’s really like working within the sports industry. I used to be out in the searing heat putting up heavy scoring boards while coaches would yell at me to move out of the way. Then I studied makeup which was an interesting journey. Firstly we know our  faces better than anyone else so putting on makeup becomes habitual to us. Putting makeup on someone else’s face is completely different. Although how I applied makeup was apparently not how the pros did it, I hated people doing my makeup. I ended up looking like a raccoon with overly done contour.  Also the fact that while I was getting made up like a drag queen, my face severely broke out.

This year I’ve decided to do patisserie and I’m honestly enjoying it. There’s so much precision and skills involved that it’s like nothing else I’ve ever done. So while humanity puts this label on people being too old to try or learn different things, it’s  all bullishit

You’re never too old or young to try things. I’m always a believer to learn as much as you can and you never know the things you might find you love. Value your opinion, back yourself and read all that you can! Life is an adventure!


I’m just going to say it I have never been the smallest girl. I’ve always been a little bit  stocky,  and some days I might come across as more masculine because of my figure. I was always really good at sports because I wasn’t fine boned,  and I would go in there and throw my body around. Not because I wanted to but because I could.

I was always envious of those girls who were petite, and they could literally eat anything and they wouldn’t put on any weight. I love my food. There’s no doubt about that. But I do know I have to watch what I eat at times. That’s not saying I have the tiniest meals and only live off lettuce leaves. I just know I have to limit myself at times to not indulge in particular things.

I’ve probably turned into a bit of a fitness fanatic at present, but I feel fitter and better for it. I know I won’t ever be a size 8, but for my body shape it wouldn’t look right on me at all. I say embrace curves if that’s your normal shape and if you’re petitie  embrace your shape as well because we’re all different and we’re all unique. That’s what makes us all amazing humans. There’s nothing sexier than someone who knows their body and works what they’ve got. Confidence is key!

Immune system boosters

When I was young I had a pretty weak immune system. I had problems with shingles and psoriasis and it didn’t help the fact I was an extremely anxious kid. I was also a really bad sleeper and I used to to get sick quite a lot. It got to a point where I needed something in order to keep me in a calm state of mind and to help my immune system. My family has always been practicing alternative medicine and I say if you can try the natural way first and it works then what’s the harm.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve obviously calmed down a lot and I’m not as anxious. I still take alternative medicine and I can say I rarely get sick because of the list of products I’m about to list.


I used to take a tablespoon of molasses on a daily basis. It’s the healthiest form of sugar cane out there and although I hate the taste of it, it contains so many great benefits.  There are  vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium included in molasses. It’s great for the immune system, acne and digestion and if you don’t like the taste, it can be added to hot water and  sipped like a tea.

Prune juice

Prune juice is one of the greatest benefits for digestion. They’re high in fibre and in potassium and it assists with heart rhythm, blood pressure,nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Prune juice is also great for fatigue because it also contains a good source of iron. Dried prunes have also been proven to help lower colon diseases.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is packed with probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that can help boost your immune system. They help fight against bad digestion, worms and bad bacteria in your stomach. Greek yogurt contains b12 which the body needs for red cells to form and  assists with brain function. The thing I love about Greek yogurt also is that it’s actually delicious and you can incorporate it into your diet in so many ways.

Chinese herbs

I remember this man in New Zealand used to own the most amazing place filled with Chinese herbs. I used to visit frequently and try different forms of Chinese herbs and the benefits were amazing. This type of medicine dates back at least 2000 years and is natural as it stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. Common Chinese herbal medicines include astragalus root,green tea, reishi mushrooms, goji berry, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and the list goes on. These benefits are that it lowers inflammation and protects against cancer. It reduces chronic pain and headaches, balances hormones and improves brain function. It also improves liver health, reduces stress and helps with sleep.


Although zinc is a type of metal, it’s only needed in small amounts. It assists with growth and repair and it acts as an anti inflammatory agent. It’s present within all bodily tissue and is needed for health cell production. It’s one of the best things to take when anyone suffers from chronic fatigue. Zinc is possibly the greatest thing to take to fights off colds and symptoms of illnesses.


This is my go to when I have a bad stomach or poor digestion. Chlorophyll is a type of plant pigment responsible for the absorption of light in photosynthesis. It’s found in all green plants and assists with weight loss, digestion, hormone balance and has helped people fight cancer. This is one of those natural detox liquids where it flushes away all that bad bacteria and cleanses your whole system.

Flaxseed oil

One of the best things to take for digestion,skin and heart health. Flaxseed oil is loaded with healthy omega 3 fatty acids. It aids for weight loss, reduces eczema and assists in collagen production which in turn reduces cellulite. You can take these in liquid or tablet form and can assist with the everyday dietary needs.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is made up of 99.99% fine silver and manufactured in purified water. It has amazing anti inflammatory benefits which include sinus infections,viruses and colds. Silver can attach to bacteria cell membranes directly and fight off bad bacteria. Being that it is an anti bacteria formula, it’s also amazing at healing wounds and skin health. For any ear or eye infections, a little bit can be placed inside and help the problem.

Olive leaf extract

This is honestly my number 1 go to formula when I can feel my immune system weakening. This 100% natural product is one of the best things to relieve colds and it’s naturally high in antioxidants. It also helps with cardiovascular support and offers anti fungal,antiviral and antibacterial activities. Any type of bug or respiratory infections I grab the olive leaf,drink a capsule and it works instantly.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the greatest immune boosters. Your body produces vitamin d naturally when exposed to sunlight and being out in the sun has proved to reduce depression. It makes your bones stronger and improves resistance against certain diseases. Being outside absorbing that sunlight can help with the brain and nervous system. It’s also great for your body being outside getting that natural oxygen.

Weekend skirts

These 2 bec and bridge skirts are some of my favourite skirts. They are a light crepe like texture and they are perfect for every body shape. Polka dots are always on trend and you can wear this kind of skirt during the day or at night. It’s a cute girly skirt which you can pair with any kind of shoe.

I have noticed that flowy skirts are making a comeback and I’m not the girliest person ever but putting on a flowy skirt makes me feel a little bit more feminine and I love that. These skirts would look so cute at night with a black or a nude heel. I believe in versatile classic pieces and for me these kind of skirts never date.

Bec and Bridge is such an established brand in Australia and although they are slightly pricey, sometimes it’s worth it for the quality. I love teaming patterns with something simple. In this case I’d keep the top simple with either or black or a white t-shirt and maybe a denim jacket with loafers. It’s creating that balance,  but fashion should always make sense and clothes should always compliment each other.


Pretty much my problem is buying too many pairs of shoes but you gotta have the right shoe for the right outfit. Am I right? I’ve accumulated all types of different types of shoes over the years. Most of them are vintage or I’ve found some at bargain prices in second hand stores. My favourite is probably the loafers because you can dress them up or down and they’re such a classic shoe. I’ve had a couple of Russell and Bromley pairs because they last so long and the leather is amazing quality and they fit my foot so well. Boots are fantastic to wear in winter if you wanna add some grunge or street style to an outfit. I’ve recently bought myself a low pair of docs and omg not only are they so comfortable and durable, I feel like they add an edge of London street style to an outfit. Converse are just a necessity as they’re not only versatile, they tone down a look and I personally love wearing them with denim skirts and wrapping a denim jacket around my waist.  I also love a refined shoe like Salvatore Ferragamo because they never date and they add an air of sophistication to a look. I think you can have a basic look but it’s the shoes that will finish it off for you. Always depends on your mood and how you feel on the day i think.


Denim…who doesn’t love denim? I live in denim and I’m rarely not wearing it. Massive fan of vintage jeans especially, probably cos I love the worn look. Distressed jeans are a winner and the more rips the better I say. I love when vintage Levi jeans have been redone into denim skirts. Some of the brands I love are ksubi because the details are incredible and the fit is on point. Levis are another one because they’re so versatile and classic. Nobody jeans because of the colours and they have such good stretch to them. Last but not least is Dr Denim because these are honestly like a second skin and they fit your body like a glove.

Favourite vintage shops in Brisbane

For anyone who knows me knows I’m a massive second hand /vintage lover. It’s always exciting knowing that there’s a story behind who’s worn a particular garment beforehand. I love searching through the racks, not knowing what I might find and that’s the beauty of it. Some days I might find an amazing designer piece or a quirky retro piece that I know nobody else on the street will be wearing. It’s the individuality. It’s the expressionism and the enjoyment of it all. Brisbane holds some great vintage places and these are some of my favourite.

Revamp fashions

This little shop is located in Blocksidge arcade in Adelaide St in Brisbane’s cbd. The lady who runs this shop is incredibly lovely and she offers beautiful second hand designer items. Reasonably priced depending on the designer and pretty much everytime I’ve been in she’s either having 20% off everything or a $20 rack. Highly recommend checking this place out.




This shop is located in West end and offers some amazing quirky things. From harley tees to suede jackets, this place is laden with classic indie pieces. I’ve found an amazing pair or Italian leather shoes for $20. Such reasonably priced clothing and such great quality items. Also every Friday they have an exchange booth where you bring in your clothes and swap them with others. Limit is for one bag with 40 items. This is such a great idea and an awesome way of community involvement.



Endeavour at Paddington 

As soon as you step into this place it’s filled with the most amazing retro pieces. Located in Paddington this store also places the most amazing disco beats. Although some pieces are quite overpriced, it’s a matter of really sorting through things. The clothes are all quite colourful and this store offers so many different textures. From leather to silk, to Terry towelling to denim, there’s an endless amount of variety to choose from. There’s some really cool jewellery in this place. They offer amazing charm bracelets and clip on earrings to blingy looking rings so you really get everything in one store.



Ra Ra superstar 

Another vintage store located in Paddington, this cute place is hidden away down a little alleyway. So much denim and so many amazing basics. There’s tie dye t-shirts to choose from and linen dresses and incredible jackets that you’d only find in an 80s music video. They’re bringing back shoulder pads, crazy prints, painted pants and bright shirts. Absolutely love this place. They also have a variety of clothes they make themselves from handmade fabric and they’re just cute outfits which anyone can wear.