Staple Pieces

I believe in having great quality basics.  No matter what kind of clothes you have in your wardrobe, basics will help any outfit come together.  I believe in dressing for your body type and not necessarily defining your wardrobe by trends. Everyone has different figures and finding those pieces that accentuate your assets i believe make you not only feel good, but look good to. I’m a very textile kind of person so i don’t buy crappy quality stuff. In saying that, I don’t think you need to spend a great deal of money on clothes in order to make them look good.

Here’s my list of basics everyone should have in their wardrobe:

White T shirt- I mean is there anything more classic? The white t shirt can be dressed up or down and you can find so many different cuts as well. I dunno about anyone else but i love the way men’s t shirts fit. I personally like them slightly over-sized and i feel men’s t shirts fit my body really well.  White is such a versatile colour and it goes well with so many colours. It’s just an easy item to play around with.  A few brands that i wear when it comes to white tshirts are:

  1. Bonds
  2. Bassike
  3. Topshop

Black Jeans- Black is always a go! It’s slimming and ya know for anyone who doesn’t want their butt to look big it’s a go to staple. For any particular body shape, you can either have them high waisted to look like you have longer stems, or on the waist if you’re possibly more petite. Personally for me, because i do have curves i wear them high waisted.