My Skincare Routine 

I think we all remember being in our teens, looking in the mirror and cringing when we saw a zit the size of Mt Everest. Thankfully as you get older I definitely feel like you learn more about what your skin loves and what it hates. I used to just slap on any old product and hope for the best. Yea, that didn’t  work!! Educating yourself and knowing what truly works on your skin is really important. For me, I’ve definitely found a routine that works and I believe if you have a good routine, sleep well and drink plenty of water your skin will thank you for it. I have combination skin and I’ve found products that work well for me.

Firstly, every morning I use the proactiv cleanser with a bit of warm water and massage in a circular motion on my face for about a minute. Secondly, I tone with avene gentle protective toner and dab that onto a cotton round which gets all my excess makeup off and makes my skin feeling silky smooth. Lastly, I use avene cicalfate restorative cream morning and night and that smooths out my skin, leaving it feeling all plump and dewy. To get my makeup off at night I use neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. These have the perfect amount of hydration to them. If goldilocks were judging these she’d say they’re not too wet and not too dry; they’re justttttt right! When I’m doing my makeup in the morning I add Mecca cosmetica sunscreen during the day over the avene moisturiser. Everyone should add sunscreen to their everyday skincare routine. Most people are outside at one point throughout the day and even though a bit of sun is good for the skin, it’s still important to protect your skin from the suns harsh rays. Speaking of sun though, using a good quality deodorant really makes a difference to your skin. I know people have allergic reactions to particular ones, but I use dove invisible dry which works wonders.

I’m obsessed with Kora organics and if Miranda Kerr uses it; because we all know how dewy her skin is then I’m totally going to use it. This stuff works though. It isn’t just some model using her fame to sell stuff to people and don’t believe in the product. The exfoliating cream I use 2-3 times a week and the hydrating mask is great to use twice a week when your skin feels just blah and flat. To get that dead skin off (gross I know) ; an facial exfoliating brush is amazing just to gently massage over your face after you’ve cleansed. Every now and then I switch up my skincare routine and use go-to exfoliating swipeys and palmers enzyme mask to really draw out all those impurities.

Even though primer is technically considered “makeup” it’s really important in choosing one that fits your skin and doesn’t make you break out. I use the modelco face base primer which hydrates and keeps your skin feeling soft and honestly keeps your makeup in place all day.