Brunette, 171cm kiwi girl who has a list of loves!

Many might say I’m selfish when it comes to sharing popcorn and that I have an obsession when it comes to fashion . And to them, I’d say they’d be right. To me butter in a pan is liquid gold, a harley tee is an essential staple piece and primer is pretty like water! You just need it to survive in life!

I’ll admit, my mastercard needs to be locked up at times. Any time  I’m near a vintage shop, makep store or a Cafe where their window display is laden with fresh patisserie it’s a temptation that is hard to resist. Although some things are hard to withstand , my OCD virgo qualities tend to keep my urges under control.  Having a perfectionist nature, living in a healthy state of mind and way of being is something I continually strive to do on a daily basis.

‘BLackie’s List’