Get up, get out and kick ass!


I was a keen master of the eye roll. Whenever someone mentioned fitness, I would immediately feel the muscles in my eyes working into overtime to throw them back into their sockets. I never understood how people could wear spandex, feel comfortable in it and let along fork out cash to buy the stuff. I had always formed this stereotype in my head, and this cynical view towards fitness,  that little did I know I’d eventually become one of them.

In my younger years my uncoordinated ways were at an all time high. Flexibility tests were in the negatives, the vault was a danger zone and ballet classes was a hopeful way to end my two left feet. It didn’t. Eventually my natural instinct turned to unpredictable sports that involved whacking the crap out of something. Allowing my body to push itself into unknown terrorities  worked and I never had to deal with the embarrassment of aerobics in high school ever again. This mindset though left me as I got older and I lost that consistency I once had, which all just happened to change a few years ago. There came a  time (like many) that I’d wake up, throw my awoken body on to the scales and stare obnoxiously at the numbers staring back at me. It was like watching the shortest horror movie occurring and neon numbers was my hidden killer.  First off all, let me just say through a loud speaker phone and the vocal talents of pavarotti ‘Do not go by the digits.’ Go by how the clothes fit, how good you feel and the energy you have on a daily basis.


Here’s the thing about working out: if you don’t have the mental capacity and readiness to do it, you ain’t going to get anywhere. For me ,walking and stretching  is my go to form of exercise. I feel a form of meditative state when I walk. Every movement is felt and every step is made and I feel like I can push my body hard without the need for any form of equipment. Pushing my body on a daily basis has burned fat, helped me gained muscle, improved the clarity of my mind and allowed me to become stronger mentally and physically. Constant movement has always been a huge importance to me. If you consistently move your body in a progressive manner, you’ll see results.

Exercise is one thing, but changing the way we look at our food is another. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle and a way of living. Cutting back on food, eating when you’re hungry, portion control and allowing your body to breathe in between is vital and key to losing weight. People have this notion that if they just eat superfoods, that they will suddenly transform into this superhuman. That’s not realistic. Your body needs a bit of everything, and like scales it’s all about balance in order to charge up and perform on a daily basis.


I don’t exercise to improve the size of my head, skyrocket my vanity levels or steal a glance at every mirror I get so I can flex my muscles at. No, I do it for health reasons, for being able to perform at optimum levels and to feel good about myself. Be the change you want to see, whatever it may be. Set goals, stick to them, make them achievable and get up, get out and kick ass.


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