Why you can’t pull off everything, but that’s ok.


They say you can pull off anything just by putting it on. I’m sure most of us mere mortals would disagree with this statement. There have been many a times when a garment has screamed try me on; you’ve gone to lock yourself in the change room, pull it off the coat hanger and stare in the mirror, when you discover in fact that beautiful garment has now transformed itself into a sack. I think the worst moments take place when a retailer knocks on the door, passes you a pair of jeans only to discover that they’ve handed you two sizes too small and in order to fit them you’d need to starve yourself for a year. You try your best to squeeze into them in a deniable fashion, and when you hear that voice behind the door to ask how they look, your first reaction is to feign happiness and lie through your teeth .

I feel as though an issue with how we perceive fashion lies in fashion magazines. You see these perfect proportions, dripped in the finest of fabrics and the perfect layout of accessories that you could only dream of having. You think well hey if they can pull it off, I must be able to as well.  The problem with this is it’s a manufactured image with limitations for everyday people.  I’ve always had this notion when I was a naive teen that to be fashionable meant following the trends. As I learnt the hard way there are some things I cannot pull off, but I’m ok with that. Turtlenecks make me look like a stumpy tree, yellow makes me look like a dead canary and AAA vintage Italian shoes will never fit my foot….like ever.

Fashion; it’s about all experimenting. Those fashion icons who rocked an outfit; Cher’s Bob Mackie get ups, Audrey Hepburn’s LBDs and Jane Berkin’s flared jeans and luxe knits were all worn in such a way that it brought inspiration to people’s eyes. They wore it with confidence. It was and is about taking a piece, understanding your body and imagining that catwalk every time your foot steps on to that unsteady, cracked concrete. I exaggerate! But in all honesty this is the platform my feet touch on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the vanity in me speaking, but you’ll never catch me stepping out in a pair of thongs. It’s just not me.

I don’t do girly girl. I wish I was one of those braid wearing, bohemian dressed girls who pull off flower crowns like it’s their way of living. That’s not something that would suit me though.  And the truth is, you shouldn’t try to dress in a way society expects you to dress. Take a piece and make it your own. Make it crazy, dress it up, dress it down and own everything inch of that fabric. Style evolves and imagination is endless, so don’t feel faint hearted  if that piece you’ve been keeping your eye on in a glossy magazine doesn’t work for you. Chances are it’s shining bright on a glistening hanger somewhere. For me, thrift shops will always be my go to destination and I will forever have a love for vintage tees, 80s shirts and high waisted ripped jeans.


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