Devil woman, emotionless and cold hearted! These are some of the words I’ve been called throughout my life. But this isn’t about feeling sorry for myself. No, not at all! Its about redefining how people perceive you. I started my youth being a massive introvert. Obviously in retrospect that came with being a pushover. I hated having all these emotions and thoughts buried in my head and I didn’t know how to express them. I wanted to, but I found myself mistrusting how people would react to them. As I got older though I emerged as my own person and found my voice. If someone belittled me, I could back myself. If someone debated with me, I could intelligently use my words. Expressing myself was a form of empowerment.  Sure, at times it’d get me into trouble; sometimes having verbal diarrhoea and putting my foot in it was not such a good idea. This form of empowerment though has placed me into a stereotype that I despise at times.

Femininity to me means feeling proud to be a woman, loving yourself and using your voice to challenge views, opinions and modern day issues.  In today’s age, femininity is misconstrued and my androgynous personality puts me into an unusual position. “Hey Cel, you’re one of the guys!” First of all I hate when anyone ever says this to me. I don’t act like a dude, talk like a man or behave even remotely like one. But when I use my voice, or raise my opinion, I’m automatically placed into a category I don’t want to be. To hear this is like saying if a woman is empowered and uses her voice, she’s considered less feminine. If a man cries, is he suddenly considered a woman? To redefine society’s standards is so important more than ever. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve or let my guard down too much, but when I do my emotions run very deep.  People have layers and we only see one surface until we try to get to the core of who someone is.

To me, feminism is a right, a movement,a power and something we should all acknowledge and not judge based on differences. It’s to respect and support each other, understanding that each one of us is different but no one of us is less feminine than each other.


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