The Power of Learning  

I grew up in New Zealand and for me making friends was so difficult. I was awkward, weird and I felt different to all the other kids. Because of this I turned to books. Learning was incredibly important to me and it became something I really enjoyed doing. I became this nerdy little kid who had such admiration for all my teachers and every morning I used to run into school and show them eagerly my homework.

I had this one teacher who was so artistic that she inspired me to open my mind to not only logic, but to fantasy,  adventure and all types of art. Knowledge isn’t just reading books and knowing facts. It’s taking that information and creating your own opinion or take on it. Anyone can read factual evidence  and throw information at people like they’re a ‘know-it-all’, but the fact is that it doesn’t make you smart.

I always believe that to be a better person, you can’t be stuck in your ways. I find so many people saying nope I won’t try that or I’d probably hate that. You don’t know until you try. My interests have evolved over time. There are things I thought I’d never love or be inspired by.  I love things now I didn’t previously, so it just goes to show we’re constantly evolving, growing and learning to love different things.

The lucky thing is I’ve always had someone to encourage me to try something. My mum used to throw me into so many things when I was young. From ballet (I was terrible), to karate, art classes, and my personal favourite yachting where I spontaneously thought it’d be funny to push one girl into the water. I never went back. I had friends who encouraged me to take up playing an instrument or play tennis and I was always extremely grateful for their persistence.

Knowledge is power and I think personally girls today feel like to be smart isn’t attractive. With more emphasis on how we look, dress and act I think being smart and learning is such an important aspect of someone. The brain is the sexiest organ and I feel as though if you can have an intelligent conversation with someone, they become ever more attractive.

Throughout the years I’ve studied quite a bit. From event management, where I landed an amazing internship with a tennis association. That was a reality check to see first hand what’d it’s really like working within the sports industry. I used to be out in the searing heat putting up heavy scoring boards while coaches would yell at me to move out of the way. Then I studied makeup which was an interesting journey. Firstly we know our  faces better than anyone else so putting on makeup becomes habitual to us. Putting makeup on someone else’s face is completely different. Although how I applied makeup was apparently not how the pros did it, I hated people doing my makeup. I ended up looking like a raccoon with overly done contour.  Also the fact that while I was getting made up like a drag queen, my face severely broke out.

This year I’ve decided to do patisserie and I’m honestly enjoying it. There’s so much precision and skills involved that it’s like nothing else I’ve ever done. So while humanity puts this label on people being too old to try or learn different things, it’s  all bullishit

You’re never too old or young to try things. I’m always a believer to learn as much as you can and you never know the things you might find you love. Value your opinion, back yourself and read all that you can! Life is an adventure!


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