Weekend skirts

These 2 bec and bridge skirts are some of my favourite skirts. They are a light crepe like texture and they are perfect for every body shape. Polka dots are always on trend and you can wear this kind of skirt during the day or at night. It’s a cute girly skirt which you can pair with any kind of shoe.

I have noticed that flowy skirts are making a comeback and I’m not the girliest person ever but putting on a flowy skirt makes me feel a little bit more feminine and I love that. These skirts would look so cute at night with a black or a nude heel. I believe in versatile classic pieces and for me these kind of skirts never date.

Bec and Bridge is such an established brand in Australia and although they are slightly pricey, sometimes it’s worth it for the quality. I love teaming patterns with something simple. In this case I’d keep the top simple with either or black or a white t-shirt and maybe a denim jacket with loafers. It’s creating that balance,  but fashion should always make sense and clothes should always compliment each other.


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