Pretty much my problem is buying too many pairs of shoes but you gotta have the right shoe for the right outfit. Am I right? I’ve accumulated all types of different types of shoes over the years. Most of them are vintage or I’ve found some at bargain prices in second hand stores. My favourite is probably the loafers because you can dress them up or down and they’re such a classic shoe. I’ve had a couple of Russell and Bromley pairs because they last so long and the leather is amazing quality and they fit my foot so well. Boots are fantastic to wear in winter if you wanna add some grunge or street style to an outfit. I’ve recently bought myself a low pair of docs and omg not only are they so comfortable and durable, I feel like they add an edge of London street style to an outfit. Converse are just a necessity as they’re not only versatile, they tone down a look and I personally love wearing them with denim skirts and wrapping a denim jacket around my waist.  I also love a refined shoe like Salvatore Ferragamo because they never date and they add an air of sophistication to a look. I think you can have a basic look but it’s the shoes that will finish it off for you. Always depends on your mood and how you feel on the day i think.


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