My top 5 cult beauty products

So I’m sure like any makeup lover we all have our go to products. It’s funny though what someone else might love, for someone else it might not work. That’s the beauty (no pun intended) of trying different things. But those times that someone suggests to try a product, within moments you can’t imagine life without it. When a magazine throws in a free sample product I’m grabbing that magazine so fast. I’m guilty of flicking straight to the beauty section of magazines just to see the latest instalments of the beauty world. Half of the time the products cost more than an arm and a leg but hey if I can find at least a product just as good but cheaper I’ll do just that. I’m going to list my favourite everyday go to, can’t live without products.

First one is maybelline`s colossal big shot mascara. This mascara makes your eyelashes all fluttery like and it adds so much great length and volume your eyes just pop. Maybelline mascaras are a favourite of mine because they have so many different options for different eyes. It’s not one of those mascaras that have hardly any product and makes your eyes look like the legs of daddy long legs. It lengthens and holds all day I won’t stop using it.

Loreal has this amazing trio contouring blush and it’s so beautifully pigmented. It has this beautiful pink flush to it and because it has this glittery like highlighter to it, it adds this beautiful glow to the cheeks. I swirl all colours together just to add more shine and it stays on all day. The thing I love about l’oréal is they’re so reasonably priced and although it’s a drugstore item, the quality is basically like a high end product.

Modelco has always been a favourite of mine. Personally I think they were so underestimated until Hayley Baldwin put her name on it. I love the packaging of these products. Most of all I love the colour of this lipstick. Nudes are always hard to match your skin type and it’s important to wear the right shade so you don’t look washed out. This is in the shade bossa nova and it has just the right amount in it, but still has those fleshy tones. This stays on so well and it has just the right amount of moisture in it.

Does this one even need an introduction? I mean cmon it’s nars! This bronzer in Laguna is just pwoar. It’s not so chalky and it has some a beautiful natural colour that it almost blends in effortlessly to your face. It’s such a build able bronzer and doesn’t make you look like you have a line of orange peel around your face. Yes, it may be a bit pricier than most bronzers but I honestly think this should be a staple item in anyone’s beauty bag.

Lastly, another Maybelline product is the hyper sharp winged eyeliner. The tip of this eyeliner is so sharp and glides so well. This product has lasted so long and it doesn’t dry out. It’s always so annoying when you buy eyeliners and they dry out so fast and then you have to throw it away within a couple of weeks. This doesn’t smudge and the precision on this product is perfect. It’s also the perfect black and makes your eyes pop.


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