My fashion story



          I’m sitting here thinking about my childhood and what fashion meant to me. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t have a clue what was considered ‘hip’ like the cool kids did. Clearly I was not one of them. My mum used to make clothes for my sister and I ,and obviously when you’re young you wear what you’re given. Sure she made some pretty sweet clothes, but when puberty hit and I had to make my own decisions as to what to wear, i was pretty clueless.  Free dress days at school was cringe worthy for me. As much as i wanted to look like one of the girls who got every guys attention; the attention i got was in a different way. I was that weirdo who rocked up in board shorts and a cheapo neon t-shirt. Let’s just say it didn’t match!

Thankfully, as i I’ve gotten older I’ve come into my shell. I’ve learnt who I am  and I  feel more confident in myself and my body.  I have quite an androgynous personality and surprise surprise i wear that look in my everyday style. I know i couldn’t pull off a lacy dress with cute heels. A) because that isn’t me or my style and B) i’m not going to wear something i’m not comfortable in. I know what works for me now but i’m also grateful for those awkward young memories. I think it’s important to go through those awkward phases and not try to be someone you’re not.

You can look through as many fashion magazines as you like and try and find a style, but in all honesty it’s someone else’s look, not yours.  Style is embracing who you are and fashion is the subject matter. Learn who you are and wear something with confidence and not what the trends tell you you should be wearing.


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