My fitness routine


Mmm ok so I’m going to first start off by saying I ain’t no PT, fitness junkie or body builder. I am however the everyday woman who tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, this is a struggle some days, especially with a maccas being right around the corner from me. But enough about that, I wanna share my fitness routine on keeping healthy and active.
I have never been to a gym, because personally I’m a massive fan of the outdoors and who wouldn’t want to utilise that beautiful nature. As a society we’re lacking in vitamin D and it is honestly such a great way to gain that. I walk heaps and the thing I love about walking is it’s a constant movement. You’re not stopping and starting. Your body is in constant motion getting used to burning off fat.

I walk a lot in parks and I know most parks have such great gym facilities outdoors. In the recent months I’ve really stepped the walking up and I’ve lost a whole dress size and I feel so much more energetic for that reason . I know people work out for specific reasons but mine are mainly for health benefits and just staying toned and trim. I walk at least an hour a day and it’s at a steady pace. I feel as though walking has toned my legs, stomach and arms and I haven’t had to lift one weight in that time. I have always been a huge believer in doing things the natural way and not pumping your body full of steroids etc.

Like anyone, I love setting goals for myself. Whether it be a time limit of how long I’m outside or the amount of steps I take or a specific place I want to get to. These are all really great motivational tools to push yourself. It’s always important to keep pushing and don’t make excuses. That’s the worst. Because basically you’ll get into the rhythm of being lazy and you just won’t wanna do anything down the track.

It’s no secret that with fitness, comes healthy eating. You have to have a healthy lifestyle and eat well otherwise you’re not going to see any results.  I see people who go to the gym but they eat all this junk and then they wonder why they’re not losing the weight. It’s all about balance I say and keeping those fluid intakes up.  Hydration is key.


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